• Chituo Team Attend K+J 2023 Fair – Baby Stroller

    From September 7 th to September 9th , Chituo team attend the 2023 Kind+ Jugend fair.  The main products we display this time is the baby stroller. We already deal this products over many years. We have the  Travel stroller, Umbrella stroller, Classic stroller, Pet stroller,Compact stroller, Poc...
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  • Newest Kids Ride On Car on August, 2023

    Newest Kids Ride On Car on August, 2023

    From June to Octbor is the busy season of  Kids Products, here are some new models in the market : 1. BMW M4 Licensed Kids Car Here is the specification and the funciton of this model . 1.Product size:110*74*49CM 2.Packing size:112*57*28.5CM 3.G.W./N.W.:18/15KG 4.CBM:0.182 5.Max load:30KG 6.SPEED...
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  • How long is the Battery life on a kids electric toy car?

      There are different brands battery in the market. And one battery have 4  classes. The better the quality of the battery, the longer the life time of the battery.Most of the battery can work around 2 years. After two years, the battery may need to be replaced.Some bad quality battery may c...
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  • Comparison Between Lithium Batteries And Lead-Acid Batteries

    Charging speed: The material activity of lithium battery is higher, while that of lead-acid battery is lower. Therefore, in terms of charging speed, lithium battery will be better. The advantage of charging speed is not particularly obvious during daily charging, but when there is an urgent matte...
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  • K+J 2023 – Cologne, 2023 Invitation – Xiamen Chituo

    Dear Customer, Here to inform you of our exhibition arrangements for the second half of 2023, you and your company representatives are sincerely welcomed to visit our booth at K+J 2023 – Cologne, Germany from 7th-9th.Sep.2023. There are many new baby stroller, pet stroller and high chair t...
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  • Some battery warnings need to know about Electric car

    Non-rechargeable batteries are not to be recharged. Make sure the charger connector is matching with the batterv connector Make sure the brand, voltage and frequency of thechargers are in accordance with the wall outlet Batteries are to be inserted with the correct pola...
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  • Age Guide of the Kids Ride On Cars

    Age Guide of the Kids Ride On Cars

    Thre are different size and types ride on cars in the market now.  Here is an age guide for your clients to select the kids rideon car.   Ages  2 years old- 18 months years old For very yong children, simple and slow speed car is more suitable for them.Such as the foot to floor car, Swing...
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  • You Would Like to Know About Electric Ride on Car

    You Would Like to Know About Electric Ride on Car

    Q1: The more functions, the better? The general electric ride on car may be equipped with headlights, taillights, music playback, radio, speakers, Bluetooth, remote control, high-low speed switching and so on. Most of these functions are powered by the battery in the car, and a few such as speake...
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  • New Model for 12V Kids Ride on car

    Here comes the new model for 12V Kids Ride on car which has beautiful design and serveral color. 12V Kids Ride on car with 2.4G RC, with MP 3 ,and Multi-functional music effects; with Forward and backward,Fast and Low speed; with LED light/Button Start/Power Display. It ...
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  • How To Replace The Battery For Your Ride On Car

    1. Turn off all the switches  and insure item is not connected  to any main power source.  Unscrew the screws on the battery clamp.     2. Remove the battery clamp.     3.  Gently pry the glue off terminals and then remove the Red + and Black – wires from the battery t...
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  • Benefits of Ride On Toys for Kids

    Ride on toys are a fantastic addition to any child’s toy assortment! Together, with magical role play toys and super stacking games, these amazing sit and ride toys importantly help develop motor and cognitive development. Along with essential social and emotional abilities. In fact, when childre...
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  • How to maintain the battery of children ride on car ?

    Remember to.. Charge the battery immediately after each use. Charge the battery at least once a month during storage.even if the vehicle has not been used The battery will be permanently damaged and void your warranty if you fail to follow theinstructions. You must charg...
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